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Toning Tables : Do they work?

November 18, 2012 by admin in Toning

Short answer: to a small degree but not worth the effort.

The humble toning table. Is it the answer to all of our dreams? Should we spend thousands of pounds on one and use up half of our lounge? Are they worth visiting the local spa or health centre for. In the vast majority of cases the answer is a resounding no. Of course, if you have hugely limited mobility or have recently suffered a reasonable injury and real exercise or stretching is out of the question then maybe there is a case for the toning table. But the amount of calories they burn will be negligible and the amount of toning they will do is limited also.

But let me restate is again, if you have significantly reduced mobility you could get some benefits from a toning table (slightly better circulation, slightly improved posture, slightly increased metabolism. But these results will only be after a significant amount of time and there will be no dramatic changes. But if it is your only option, it is definitely better than nothing.

If, however, you have relatively normal movement, albeit a little unfit, then you will get far more from standard routines rather than a toning table. And by standard routines I mean regular cardio sessions, strength training and healthy nutrition.

Put it this way, all these models you see on the covers of magazines will work out and eat correctly. I would be amazed if any of them wasted any time sat on a toning table.

With fitness and health there are no shortcuts. No miracle pills. No miracle machines. Just good old fashioned perspiration and dedication.

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